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Something Borrowed - Adriana Hunter



This is a stand alone with a HEA =) Quick read at only 115 pages.


3 Follow Your Heart Stars


Vienna is a up-and-coming wedding planner in NYC & has her 1st high-profile wedding. Since her clients won't accept anything less then perfect she hires Dana last minute as her assistant. The story starts with Dana & Vienna taking a jet to a private island in the Caribbean, owned by a friend of the groom's family. Having never worked together before Dana doesn't quite know what to expect. She definitely wasn't expecting to crush on the groom!


Nathanial Benjamin Carter III, or Ben is incredibly good looking with blond hair, blue eyes, full sexy lips, square jaw & a dimple when he smiles. He & Dana have a strong connection from the start. Only thing is Ben is off limits since he will be married to Claire in 2 short days.


Claire Latham is someone I loved to hate! She was a Bridezilla! Poor Dana tried her best to be the perfect assistant to Vienna & appease Claire, but I swear she & her mother complained about everything. I don't know how Dana put up with any of these ladies to be honest! I'm so glad Dana get's her HEA.


Why not 5 stars:
I liked this story but it needs to be longer. I would have liked a Prologue so we could get to know Dana better before she is thrown into her new job.
We don't get any description of Dana other than she has a curvy figure. I had to visualize her the best I could from the chick on the cover.
I would have loved a few more scenes with Ben & Dana during the days before the wedding.
It might just be me but

I didn't get the part with Prudence, Ben's great-grandmother. I know she was a ghost, but it's mentioned & then never fully explained.

(show spoiler)

I also spotted a few editing errors (although I received an ARC so those may have been fixed prior to release).


***ARC provided via NetGalley for an honest review***