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Work Like You Don't Need the Money

Work Like You Don't Need the Money - S.J. McCoy

~*~*~*Given an ARC by the author in exchange for an honest review*~*~*~


4.5 Steamy Stars


This book is part of the Summer Lake Series, but can also be read as a stand alone (no cliffhangers in this series). Fans of book 1 will be happy that the whole gang is back & we learn new info/insight on these reoccurring characters.


In Love Like You've Never Been Hurt we get to meet a tight knit group of friends that met in their childhood. They have all grown up together & even though some have moved away have still kept close friendships.


This book picks up right after Emma & Jack's story with Pete driving Holly home from a weekend at Summer Lake. Pete is part of the original Summer Lake gang & is also Jack's best friend & partner in Phoenix Construction. He is a 32 yr old hottie CEO with dark blond hair, deep blue eyes, and chiseled features.


Holly is Emma's best friend & also owns a fashion boutique. A new comer to the Summer Lake gang, she is beautiful, tall & slender with shiny chocolate colored hair & amber eyes. According to Pete she has an amazing body & right from the 1st time they met have had an electric connection.


I enjoyed this love story & especially loved the many steamy scenes between Pete & Holly, a lot of which take place outside the bedroom (HOT!).


There are also a couple LOL moments, many involved Roberto. He is introduced to us in this story & is Holly's visual merchandising manager. I loved him!


Both Pete & Holly have to overcome personal hurdles along the way (I admit it! I wanted to smack sense into both of them), but are helped through by their solid friendships & family.


Why not 5 stars? Editing issues & I was not a fan of the nickname given to the sexy group of ladies when they went to the club (Emma made it up). When I think of slinky it brings me back to my childhood & the metal toy that walked down the stairs (80's kid). I kinda cringed every time the nickname was mentioned.


Would I recommend it? Yes


Next up is Missy & Dan's story. I really like how outspoken Missy is. She tells it like it is & I love that. You don't need to eat or sleep do you S.J.? Just write... LOL.