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Bad Things  - R.K. Lilley

4.5 Sassy & Sarcastic Stars


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Crashed  - K. Bromberg

5 Motherfucking A to Z Stars


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Crashed Buddy Read

Colton in his Red Indycar:
Colton in his indycar

Rylee waving a checkered flag


Can't wait for BECKS & HADDIE'S Story!!

Driven ((The Driven Trilogy)) - K. Bromberg

4.25 I. Can’t. Resist. You. Stars



Fueled - K. Bromberg

5 Spiderman. Batman. Superman. Ironman. Stars



Incinerate (Explosive) - Tessa Teevan

4.5 RUGGED Stars



Charlotte: Prowling for Enchantment - Mima

4 Dare to Decide Stars




You get to choose your own erotic adventure =) There are 11 possible endings...neat!


I loved how I got to control the story! So. Much. Fun! It was crazy how different the ending turned out when I only made 1 different choice along the way. Don't worry, all the stories have HOT scenes. A couple were very kinky ;) Once you finish your gonna want to go back & make different choices which is what I really loved!


I'm not big into fantasy/paranormal so that's why I didn't give the full 5 Stars.


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Wild Man  - Kristen Ashley

4 No Games, No Bullshit, No Lies Stars




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Falling for the Wingman - Crista McHugh

4 Flyboy Stars


Book 3 of the Kelly Brothers Series, but can be read as a stand-alone.


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Caleb a tall & lean, brown hair & blue eyed Air Force Pilot comes home from Afghanistan expecting to be reunited with his girlfriend Kourtney. Confused as to why she didn't show up at the airfield to welcome him home, he heads back to his apartment. There he finds a dust-covered letter waiting for him on his pillow. Kourtney wrote that she just wasn’t cut out to be an Air Force girlfriend. Shocked & needing answers Caleb heads to Jackson Grove, Alabama.


Alexandra "Alex" a auto mechanic with long wavy auburn hair, brown eyes & a tall boyish figure has had a crush on Caleb since the moment she 1st met him. Problem is he was Kourtney's (her big sister) boyfriend & he never seemed to really notice tomboyish Alex. When Caleb shows up at her mama's house in his midnight blue 1970 Phase III-SS 454 Camaro looking for Kourtney she thinks he has never looked better, "a walking, breathing temptation on two legs”. Alex has to get him out of the house before he starts asking questions about emails Kourtney sent, since after all it wasn't Kourtney who sent them.


With Kourtney's wedding less than a week away, Caleb & Alex decide to team up & try to get her to regret her decision to end things. Alex thinks the best plan is to fake a romance to make her sister jealous. Once she sees Alex with Caleb will she want him back? Secretly the only reason Alex decides to help is because she hopes Caleb will finally see Kourtney as the selfish bitch that she is & fall for her. What will happen if Caleb finds out that she was the one who was sending him all those emails posing as her sister?


Let the small town gossip begin!


Alex's 1971 Orange Roadrunner with a retractable air grabber & 440 six-pack engine:
1970 Orange Roadrunner

I really liked this story. It has humor, steam & classic cars (I would love to take a ride with Caleb). I definitely loved to hate Kourtney as you can see by my status updates. At the 92% mark things start getting really rushed.

I would have liked a few more scenes before jumping to 3 weeks later.

(show spoiler)

The ending while happy was also very abrupt. It's not a cliffy but I was definitely left wanting more.


The next book in the Kelly Brothers Series is The Heart's Game expected to be released July 7th. This will be Daniel the surgeon's story. Can't Wait!


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Before Jamaica Lane  - Samantha Young


Mystery Man  - Kristen Ashley

5 Dimples Stars




Gwen was one lucky bitch! I mean that as a compliment ;) She had 3 Hot Alphas wrapped around her finger. Okay, Okay, Okay...it wasn't all roses, she also had some shit to deal with. Break-ins, fire bombs, a drive-by shooting & a sister in some real trouble. I LOVED every second of it!


Thanks to everyone who joined our Buddy Read!


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Breakaway Hearts (The Kelly Brothers) - Crista McHugh

4.25 Second Chance Stars


Book 2 of the Kelly Brothers Series, but can be read as a stand-alone. I haven't read Book 1 yet.




While attending a Vancouver Whales hockey game Ben Kelly (19) meets Hailey (18). She definitely got his attention with her tall & slender body, beautiful blue eyes & smurf blue hair. During the game she really impressed Ben as she rattled off hockey stats. She must love hockey almost as much as he does. Sparks fly when they are caught by the Kiss Cam & share their first kiss. The night ends in Ben's hotel room with unforgettable sex. When Ben wakes up the next morning to a cold empty bed he really regrets not getting Hailey's number or her last name.

Fast Forward 9 Years

Ben (now 28) the six-four, 240 lbs, black hair & blue eyed NHL goalie, has just injured his knee.
Hockey Injury
Since he's out for the rest of the season he decides to rest up in Cascades, BC. Questioning wether this injury will end his career he finds his way back to the ice. During his 1st visit to the local rink he spots a player with some great moves & a killer slap shot. After getting a closer look he discovers the player is female & looks very familiar. A hockey players memory can be spotty from all the concussions, but he knows he has met her before...but where?


Hailey (now 27) is a waitress at her fathers bar, but her ultimate goal is to make the Women's Olympic Ice Hockey Team. She has been training hard everyday in order to keep a promise she made to her deceased son. Hockey is her outlet & a way to help with her grieving, so nothing matters more to her then making that team. She can't believe it when Ben Kelly walked into her rink after 9 years & then acted like he didn't even know her at all.


Once Ben figures out how he knows Hailey (who's hair is now blonde) will she give him a second chance? Will they still have that undeniable chemistry in the bedroom? What about Hailey's big secret of a deceased son - Will that be a deal breaker?


I loved this & would recommend it to Sports Romance Fans. I'm not really a hockey fan, but you don't have to be in order to enjoy Ben & Hailey's story.


Why Not 5 Stars? I think the ending was a little rushed.

I would have absolutely loved it if Hailey made him work to win her back.

(show spoiler)


This was my 1st Crista McHugh book & I'm definitely looking forward to reading more from her in the future.


The next book in the Kelly Brothers Series is Falling for the Wingman expected to be released March 3rd. This will be Caleb the Air Force Pilots story. Can't Wait!


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The Tyrant's Daughter - J.C. Carleson

3.75 Betrayal Stars


This book is tough for me to review. It's definitely not something I would have picked for myself, but when I got this ARC I decided to give it a chance.


Since Laila's father was just killed by his brother in a coup, she must flee from an unnamed middle eastern country with her mom & brother. They end up coming to the US & we follow Laila (15) as she tries to understand/fit in with her american classmates. After hiding out in the school library she starts to research what kind of man her father really was. Turns out she has been lied to all these years. Who should Laila trust now?


I'm glad I gave this book a chance. It definitely opened my eyes to the vast differences between our freedoms, especially as women, & what others have to endure under a dictators rule.


I didn't connect with Laila as much as I would have liked to. I think it's because she is 15 & I'm not that young anymore. Really started to enjoy this at about the 70% mark when we get a little suspense.

Unfortunately, once it's implied Laila is going to get her revenge for the betrayal the story just ends. I want to know what she does with the accounts.

(show spoiler)


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5 You're My Everything Stars

Forever with You (Fixed) - Laurelin Paige


4 Wondering What Lies Ahead Stars

Deceptive Innocence: Part 2 - Kyra Davis

This is Part 2 of the Pure Sin Series expected to be released Feb 17th, 2014.




Part 2 starts right where Part 1 left off! I was so excited to get resolution to that cliffhanger. No spoilers here, sorry =)


Bell continues her pursuit of revenge. Her new job as Jessica & Travis Gables's PA has assisted her in getting new leads. While she is spinning a web of lies hoping to catch her enemies, she is also gaining their trust. Does she still consider Lander an enemy?


Someone from Bell's past comes for an unexpected visit. They bring memories of Bell's mother & we discover that she also holds herself responsible for her mothers death.


I'm still loving this story! We get some more HOT scenes, Yay! I knew the suspense was coming & we definitely get it in Part 2. We are left with another cliffhanger (I knew it was a 3 part series going in so I'm not surprised). This twist is bigger than the 1st & has left me dying for Part 3!


Would I recommend it? Yes


Part 3 of the Pure Sin Series is expected to be released March 17th, 2014


Check Out all 3 covers together!
All 3 Covers


***ARC provided via NetGalley for an honest review***

The Fine Line - Alicia Kobishop

3.75 Meant For Each Other Stars


BR with Sue, Wendy, Melissa, Patty, Lisa Jayne, Rebecca & Anesha


This is a standalone with a HEA.




Liv Evans (17) has been disappointed by men too many times. 1st her dad walks out on Liv & her mom. Then over the years Liv became close with two of her mom's boyfriends. They became father figures/friends & she had the bond she desperately craved right up until they left too.


"Why does everyone I love have to leave? 


Never again. I’m done. This is the last time I will ever have this feeling."


To avoid ever feeling heartbroken again Liv decides No Relationships.


“Some people wear their hearts on their sleeves.  I learned a long time ago that preserving one’s heart means keeping it protected.  Sheltered. My heart is hidden deep within the secure layers of my soul, where it rests easy with the knowledge that nothing can penetrate its everlasting impervious shell.”


Having never felt a strong connection with any guy her plan has worked so far, right up until she meets Logan Tanner (19) at River Fest. Logan & Liv have an instant attraction that can't be denied, but Liv can't let him get too close.


“I would not allow myself to be flustered by any boy. Even if he did have the most incredible eyes I had ever seen.”


Since love never lasts & it's not worth the heartbreak she & Logan should just be friends. Logan knows what he wants, will he be able to convince Liv to take a chance at love?





I loved Logan! Did I mention he is a street racer? He has Dark Brown Hair, Hazel Eyes, Full Sexy Lips & a Hot Muscular Body.




My favorite part is the suspenseful ending! I was not expecting that twist at all.


Why not 5 Stars? I had a hard time relating to Liv. I think if I had read this 10 years ago I would have loved her. I'm in my thirties now with a husband & 2 kids so for me she was just...


Drama, Drama, Drama


At certain points I would have loved to know what Logan was thinking. I couldn't help wondering...Why is he putting up with this?


Would I recommend it? Yes, just go into it knowing Liv is 17


Thanks for the fun & laughs during our BR ladies! xoxo


***ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review***

Something Borrowed - Adriana Hunter



This is a stand alone with a HEA =) Quick read at only 115 pages.


3 Follow Your Heart Stars


Vienna is a up-and-coming wedding planner in NYC & has her 1st high-profile wedding. Since her clients won't accept anything less then perfect she hires Dana last minute as her assistant. The story starts with Dana & Vienna taking a jet to a private island in the Caribbean, owned by a friend of the groom's family. Having never worked together before Dana doesn't quite know what to expect. She definitely wasn't expecting to crush on the groom!


Nathanial Benjamin Carter III, or Ben is incredibly good looking with blond hair, blue eyes, full sexy lips, square jaw & a dimple when he smiles. He & Dana have a strong connection from the start. Only thing is Ben is off limits since he will be married to Claire in 2 short days.


Claire Latham is someone I loved to hate! She was a Bridezilla! Poor Dana tried her best to be the perfect assistant to Vienna & appease Claire, but I swear she & her mother complained about everything. I don't know how Dana put up with any of these ladies to be honest! I'm so glad Dana get's her HEA.


Why not 5 stars:
I liked this story but it needs to be longer. I would have liked a Prologue so we could get to know Dana better before she is thrown into her new job.
We don't get any description of Dana other than she has a curvy figure. I had to visualize her the best I could from the chick on the cover.
I would have loved a few more scenes with Ben & Dana during the days before the wedding.
It might just be me but

I didn't get the part with Prudence, Ben's great-grandmother. I know she was a ghost, but it's mentioned & then never fully explained.

(show spoiler)

I also spotted a few editing errors (although I received an ARC so those may have been fixed prior to release).


***ARC provided via NetGalley for an honest review***